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The MyComponents has been developed and on the market since 1999 and therefore supports MySQL Servers 3.21.x to 5.x.  Using the Single Source paradigm, it contains single source units which compiles and works correctly natively in Delphi 5/6/7/2005/2006/2007 and Kylix 1/2/3 without need for the BDE or any other API layers.


The components are extremely flexible and powerful for the advanced developer, yet also simple to use if you are a beginner and comfortable with borland's standard data aware components.  The MyComponents accesses your MySQL servers/database directly, without any need for middle tier layers like BDE / ODBC / ADO or dbExpress with their inherent limitations. 

MyComponents can use any of three drivers to access your servers, either the standard method using the MySQL AB clientlibrary, or direct access to your database using the embedded MySQL server which voids the need for a MySQL Server, or using only TCP/IP directly to the MySQL server, freeing your application of additional distribution of clientlibraries.

Last revision :

  • New built-in MySQL 4.1/5 authentication support
  • Support for standard Borland ":"-parameters as well as macro substitutions.
  • Design your MySQL database in the Delphi/Kylix IDE
  • Why worry about transaction support when you can set only one option to True and have each dataset wrap it's SQL in start, commit and rollback transactions automatically?

Highlighted features:

  • No royalties and Full source
  • No BDE / ADO / ODBC / dbExpress
  • Compliance for MySQL 3.21.x to 5.x and Single Source for Delphi 5-7/2005/2006/2007 and Kylix 1-3
  • Three drivers
    • Direct
    • Embedded
    • ClientLibrary
  • Standard properties
    • Filters
    • Master /Detailing
    • Macros / Params
  • Threads
    • Threadsafe codebase
    • Threaded Updates
    • Threaded Opens
  • Cached Updates
  • Support for all MySQL column types, including:
    • AutoInc
    • BLOB
  • Optimized blob / memo storage and handling
  • Optimized record fetching for large tables
  • Full OpenSSL support
  • Out of the box APIs available for:
    • ReportBuilder 6,7,9,10
    • InfoPower
    • FastReport
    • RemObjects

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