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Version 2.10.1
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Price - Site $999
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MyCon (My Console for MySQL) is an extremely powerful windows based graphical user interface, MySQL GUI, for administering and working with MySQL server databases from version 3.21.x to 5.x. This easy to use MySQL GUI front-end client includes all the functionality and tools you will need to be productive in MySQL as a DBA, developer, manager, report writer or a general end-user.  If you have a need to do MySQL administration, design, research & development with MySQL databases or you are simply in need of a MySQL editor for data manipulation or sql queries, MyCon has all the best features and tools you will need to do the job efficiently and correctly the first time.  All this, while not costing you an arm and a leg. In fact, depending on your needs, MyCon is completely free.  A free MyCon limited version, free downloads, no annual fees, free email support, a free open public support forum, free minor upgrades and always available 15 day trial codes for some of the more powerful MyCon Pro features.

Click to enlarge screenshotHaving developed Mascon since 1999, has given SciBit a lot of experience in bringing you the absolute best in MySQL technology, while making sure you are efficient and productive in a stable environment.  MyCon is our next generation paradigm-shifting version and successor to Mascon. As was the case with Mascon, MyCon once again sets the pace and standard for similar products.  SciBit is never interested in matching competing technologies, but always to put the end-user right on the edge of the newest MySQL GUI technology and to be creative while doing so, while knowing that healthy competition will make the customer and MySQL the ultimate winners.

The MyCon studio's features include connections to multiple servers, database design, data and blob editing of tables, SQL syntax high lightening, reporting, scheduling, backups, exporting, security and much much more.  In short, what you have just discovered is the MySQL GUI client were Window Explorer meets Outlook meets Mascon meets MySQL, because that is exactly what MyCon is.  An interface like Outlook's, folder and shortcut functionalities like Explorer with Mascon's stability and functionality as a MySQL GUI.  Please see the Feature Matrix for a complete list of features and comparisons, or MyCon Help for detailed descriptions of the masses of functionality presented to you in a simple and efficient manner.  For some customer comments, please see Comments.

Newest & Hot Features:

  • Import and Export your table's data to and from 21 formats, see Features for more details.
  • Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste tables/queries/scripts between databases and even between servers.
  • Dump/Export your database or selected tables to a file, another server or clipboard
  • A simple single click on Print is all you need to have a live report generate
  • Use MyCon's advance Report Designer to design complex custom reports and then serve them to your clients using MyReporter or MyX.

More Features

  • Hierarchical access to all MySQL Objects
  • Easy MySQL Importing and MySQL Exporting
  • Simple one click MySQL Backup and MySQL Dumping
  • Both simple and Advanced MySQL Reporting
  • Context sensitive MySQL Security management
  • Single or multiple tabbed MySQL windows / views
  • MySQL Table and Index designer
  • MySQL datagrids with independent grouping, sorting and filtering abilities
  • and much much more


For MySQL GUI evaluation purposes, please obtain a 15 day trial release code for MyCon Pro functionality by clicking here.  FreeMyCon is free and does not need any release codes to be a functional MySQL GUI. NOTE: When you download and install any MyCon, it already contains a trial code by default.  Getting another code is just an added benefit to you if you need a bit more time to evaluate all the features.

Ordering MyCon:

MyCon - MySQL GUI comes in four flavours:

  • FreeMyCon - A free version of our MySQL GUI product.  Some features are disabled, but it leaves you with full table editing, table reporting, sql scripting functionality
  • MyCon Standard - Is a low cost featured version of our MySQL GUI product.  It adds multiple report formats, queries, enhanced sql editor with auto-proposals, auto-complete, auto-correct, auto-parameters. It also gives you the ability to view/add/edit/delete your data in a card/form format as well as gives you the ability to backup complete databases, tables and queries meta data with a single click. In addition to presenting you with full capabilities over your new MySQL 5 procedures/functions.
  • MyCon Professional - Is the full version of the MySQL GUI, it includes many additional features including security management, task/report/backup scheduling, full report designer with advanced report-side scripting capabilities.
  • MyCon Site License - Is exactly the same product as MyCon Pro, but includes a site license which allows you to legally and concurrently use MyCon on as many computers as your site can accommodate.

For a more detailed overview of features and comparisons to other MySQL GUI products, please see the Feature Matrix

Installation Instructions:
  1. Download the featured MyCon - MySQL GUI package of your choice
  2. Double click the download and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software
  3. NOTE: If MyLook (the open framework MyCon uses) is not installed, simply click OK when prompted. It will then automatically be downloaded (depending on your downloaded package) and installed prior to the MyCon installation.

Designed a beautiful report with MyCon and want to use it on a web server?

Visit MyX now to use your reports in VB or ASP. Or see MyReport to publish or email your MySQL GUI reports in PDF, XLS or RTF formats, live and dynamically from your templates via the free MyReporter CGI component.


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