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You can not order Mascon any more.  You can still obtain a trial code for it.  All registered Mascon customers will automatically get a free MyCon Pro license. FreeMascon is free to use.

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Mascon has been succeeded by our new MySQL GUI called MyCon. MyCon, Mascon & FreeMascon are all powerful Windows graphical user interfaces (GUI) for administering MySQL server databases.  Mascon was more built for and in the days of MySQL 3.21.x-3.23.x, while MyCon is our next generation GUI truly catapulting MySQL 3/4/5 into the same league (and beyond) as MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc concerning client interfaces and functionality. Free/Mascon's features include connections to multiple servers, design, data and blob editing of tables, SQL color coding, security, creating reports and much more. The reports can contain text and charts that are generated from the data in your database.

Designed a beautiful report with Mascon and want to use it?

Visit MyX now to use your reports in VB or ASP. Or see MyReport to publish or email your reports in PDF, XLS or RTF formats dynamically from your templates via the free MyReporter CGI component.


For evaluation purposes, please obtain a 90 day trial release code for Mascon by clicking here.  All registered Mascon customers should have their free MyCon Pro license by start of Aug 2004.  FreeMascon is free and does not need any release codes to function fully.

Ordering Mascon:

After 5 years Mascon has reached the end of it's life cycle and is no longer under development. It is still supported via email and it's forum though.  Development is now exclusively done on and in MyCon (the successor of Mascon), a next and new generation approach to MySQL admin, development and management.  All registered Mascon customers should have there free MyCon Pro license by start of Aug 2004.  Feel free to use Mascon for as long as you please with the only restriction being that you have to obtain a trial code every 90 days, if you are a registered user, you can use our secure site to obtain permanent release code(s) for your Mascon license(s).  FreeMascon is, and always has been, free to use without any restrictions or need for release or feature codes.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the Free/Mascon package
  2. Double click the download and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software

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