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Welcome to SciBit's main website. We specialize in custom software research and development, as well as proprietary projects. Our primary development utilizes PHP & JavaScript extensively, C#, .NET & open source technologies. While some of our products include amongst others various web applications, some tools and utilities for MySQL, Solid Edge, VCL suites for Delphi/Kylix, as well as many free and open source projects. SciBit is a BEE compliant and has been certified by EMEX.

Other featured SciBit sites includes; our Forum of which you can read some news extracts below; our Help site which includes online help files and documentation for all our products; the SciBit Campus where you can create tutorials on a subject of your choice; and SciBit Secure where you can obtain trial codes for our products, buy/upgrade licenses and login to your account to access your product details.

If you are interested in a specific product, please use the top navigation to navigate to the product's website, from where you will be able to access more pertinent information, download links and order information.

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